KNX Convert to AMX NetLinx

A small tool, that allows you to convert an exported CSV file from ETS6 (ETS5) to a ready to use AMX NetLinx code for the KNX gateway from Project-Innovations.
Use at your own risk.
I take no warranty at all for this to work or that the resulting code works.

The converter does not store the data given. It simply process it and provides the result here. There is no way to restore the data you provided.

I provide no support on using or functionality of this tool.

NOTE: The constants used inside of the code are generated based on the comment inside of the CSV file only. You have to double check yourself they are unique and valid.

This converter is designed to generate a code as a base start, not ready to use!

Quick manual:

  1. Open ETS Project
  2. Go to the „group adress explorer“
  3. Right click on the adresses you want to export. Generally this should be the top most main group and select export.
  4. A new window open. Select „CSV“ and CSV Format „3/1“ and CSV Separator „Tabulator“.
  5. Set the „Export file name“ and press „OK“.
  6. Open the CSV file in a plain text editor like „notepad“ or „notepad++“ or similar.
  7. In the editor select all (usually doen bei pressing CTRL+a), copy it
  8. Paste it into the knx table field below
  9. Give a good „knx constant prefix“, default is „knx“
  10. Give the virtual device name, default is „vdvKnx“
  11. Press submit
  12. If your provided data is correct, the resulting code is on bottom of the page in the box. Click into the box and again select all, copy and paste it into a new file in your amx project
  13. Read the comments in the code

knx convert (C)(R) 2024 J.Sachs

Generated code for AMX NetLinx from the given CSV above